Velox Business Suite is a versatile and robust software solution equipped with a wide range of modules specifically crafted to meet the distinct needs of diverse industries. These softwares empower businesses with the vital tools essential for streamlining operations, enhancing customer experiences, and nurturing growth.  

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Velox Business Suite is a versatile and robust software solution equipped with a wide range of modules specifically crafted to meet the distinct needs of diverse industries. These softwares empower businesses with the vital tools essential for streamlining operations, enhancing customer experiences, and nurturing growth.



What We Do

At Velox Software, our vision is to transform the way businesses operate and empower them to thrive in an ever-evolving, dynamic world. We envision a future where organizations of all sizes and across diverse industries can harness the full potential of technology to achieve their goals, elevate their customer experiences, and drive growth.


Our Software include

Retail | Restaurant  |  Asset Management  |  Accounting 



Retail Software Retail Software
Velox Retail

Retail Software

VeloxBS Retail is designed to streamline and enhance the operations of retail businesses.

  • Unlimited Inventory Items
  • Multiple Branch | Location
  • Multiple Price Levels
  • Multiple Unit Levels
  • Email & SMS Alerts
  • Audit Trail
  • Estimate
  • Advanced Inventory Count
  • Advanced Inventory Transfer
  • Unlimited Inventory Locations
Restaurant Software Restaurant Software
Velox Restaurant

Restaurant Software

Improve the speed and ease of ordering at your restaurant. Increase sales with an online menu and acquire resources that will help you and your staff.

  • Manage Inventory
  • Manage Employee
  • Manage Vendors
  • Manage Customers
  • Table reservation & management.
  • Menu customization & item modification.
  • Order processing & kitchen management.
  • Integrated billing & payment processing.
Asset Management Software Asset Management Software
Velox Asset Management

Asset Management Software

Asset management software is a crucial tool for organizations to efficiently track, manage, and maintain their physical and digital assets.

  • Asset Inventory
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Asset Location & Tracking
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Asset Auditing and Compliance
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Asset Security
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Barcode/QR Code Scanning
  • Labelling & Tagging Solution
Church Management Software Church Management Software
Velox Church Management

Church Management Software

The Church Module helps religious organizations manage their administrative and community-related tasks.

  • Membership Management
  • Control Church Statistics
  • Easily run Church Report
  • Member database and communication tools.
  • Donation tracking and financial management.
  • Event scheduling and resource allocation.
  • Volunteer coordination
Hotel Management Software Hotel Management Software
Velox Hotel Management

Hotel Management Software

The Hotel Module is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and enhance the operations of hotels, resorts, and lodging establishments.

  • Integrated Billing & Invoicing
  • Guest Services & Amenities
  • Inventory & Supply Chain Management
  • Guest Communication & Feedback
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Housekeeping & Maintenance Scheduling
  • Room Reservation & Booking Management
  • Guest Check-In/Check-Out Procedures
Hospital Management software Hospital Management software
Velox Hospital Management

Hospital Management software

A Hospital Management System (HMS) is a comprehensive software solution designed to manage and automate the various administrative, clinical, and financial tasks within a healthcare facility. HMS systems aim to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and overall quality of healthcare services. Here are common features and functionalities found in a Hospital

  • Patient Management
  • Clinical Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Billing & Finance
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Staff & User Management
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Patient Portal
  • Security & Compliance
  • Laboratory & Imaging Integration
Accounting Software Accounting Software
Velox Accounting

Accounting Software

The Accounting Module is a robust financial management solution designed to help businesses maintain accurate and compliant accounting records, track financial transactions, and make informed financial decisions. It plays a crucial role in managing the financial health of an organization.

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Tax Management
  • Audit Trail & Security
  • Financial Reporting & Analysis
  • General Ledger Management
Education Management Software Education Management Software
Velox Education

Education Management Software

Education management software is designed to streamline and automate the administrative, academic, and operational tasks of educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and universities. Here are some common features and functionalities you might find in school management software:

  • Academic Management
  • Inventory & Asset Management
  • Financial Management
  • Admissions & Enrollment
  • Attendance Management
  • Student Information System
  • Exam & Result Management
  • Parent Portal
  • SMS & Email Integration
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Teacher & Staff Management
  • Library Management


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Choose the best Retail package


GHS100 / month

What’s included

    Basic features for selling and receiving.


GHS120 / month

What’s included
  • All Lite Features with multiple branch and others.

  • Multiple Branches
  • Inventory Count
  • Bulk Price Editor
  • Create Estimates
  • Email Alerts


GHS150 / month

What’s included
  • All features of Pro, with online website, Audit Trail, Expenses and more.

  • SMS Alerts
  • Hire Purchase
  • Audit Trail
  • Online Website
  • Expense Tracking


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